Persuasive Essay On Why Dogs Are The Best Pet

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Now a days people are having fun with some pets. I think that the dog is the best pet to have. Today I will be writing about why dog are the best pet. Dogs are the best pet because of these three reasons. The three reasons are, they will protect you or something that you want to protect, have a great sense of smell and they are very loyal. There are many types of dogs which is are good as pets ,like a german shepperd, a golden retreiver, a dalmation, a poodle, and etc. The first reason why dog are the pet is because a dog will protect you and something you would like to protect. It will protect your house by barking very loudly. If you hear thier loud bark you will know that something is wrong eventhough you are asleep or awake and you can …show more content…
Dogs sometimes use their smell to help humans. Dog help blind people by using their strong sense of smell to get around the street, shoping store, trains, and etc. Dogs are also useful to help police by sniffing out a clue to the crime.when you cross the border between Canada and the usa you will see police with dogs. You will also see their dogs at the airport. Dogs are also good for war. They are good for war because they could sniff out a bomb to help the soldier be safe too. Dogs are good for some jobs as well as they are also very loyal. Dogs are very loyal to their friends and owners. They also help their owners if they are in a dangerous situation. They are an amazing friend because they also keep you company when you are very lonely. As an owner they easy to maintain because they have the same schedule as you like, sleeping at night and awake in the day. Thy can tell things belongs to the owner by their smelling sense. They are also loyal because they can tell whether someone is bad from some one who is good by watching their actions. Like a kid punches a kid but another kid helps a kid the dog can tell who is more friendly. That's why dogs are loyal. Dogs are good becase of these three reasons. You should get a dog if you want a splendid friendly

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