Why Students Should Start Later Research Paper

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Some people may think that waking up later would not make a difference when it comes to someone 's academics. That is false. Experts have found improvements in attendance, enrollment rates, and more alert students. The adolescents actually gained five hours of sleep every night when they started school later (Esherick 71). Students have reported feeling better over all. Just the extra half hour has lead to teenagers going to bed sooner. Since the teens had an less difficulty focusing, it took them less time to complete their homework. This gives them more time to relax and sleep (Park 2). Without the time change, students make simple mistakes on their homework and get lower grades on tests because they are sleep deprived. It was reported in 1998 that adolescents that earned C’s, D’s, and F’s on their homework went to bed around 40 minutes after A and B …show more content…
Obtaining good grades while participating in extracurricular activities keeps a person very busy. Teens have to find time for sport practices, homework, and family time. Some teenagers may have jobs as well. This does not leave much time for sleep! Sleep always seems to get left out of our schedules. We need sleep to fight off disease, stabilize our emotional health, our physical health, and mental health (Esherick 44). When a Minneapolis School changed their start time from 7:15 TO 8:45, Dr. Kyla studied the results. She found a lower amount of depressed students (Esherick 68). Some people believe that when you get tired is determined mentally. Emmanuel Mignot is a sleep expert from Stanford University. Mingot has a theory that a mutation on chromosome four helps determine if someone is a morning person or not. If a student is not a morning-type, they may not be as awake. This may lead them to have trouble remembering new information (Impact of School Start Time on Student Learning 6). Students may also act

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