Research Paper On Veganism

Veganism is the lifestyle of “health and purity”, or so it is raved to be. But once one takes the strict way of life too far the situation becomes all too dangerous. Over obsessiveness within the diet from recovering patients allows for disorders to be maintained or perhaps, become even worse. Veganism is a variety of vegetarian diet that eliminates meat, eggs, dairy foodstuffs and all additional animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans as well do not eat foods that are processed using animal products, for instance refined white sugar in addition to some wines (vegetarian). This lifestyle is about saving the animals and taking care of yourself and the planet. One might argue this lifestyle is harmless and actually quite amazing, but it has a horrifying truth. When one is not in their right mind, such as one suffering from an eating disorder they become fixated with their image and self-worth. The disordered are …show more content…
The over obsessiveness grows in the impressionable until it has become too much to handle and starts to spiral out of control. A lot of damage can be done to the disordered through this way of life. Thus, Veganism is a strict way of living; therefore, it should not be recommended to recovering eating disorder patients. Addictions will continue to thrive, or even lead to the next debilitating obsession.
Eating disorders and the lifestyle of veganism is associated through the overall dietary restraint. In a 2011 study Some we Love, Some we Hate, Some we Eat: Why it’s so Hard to Think Straight about Animals, Hal Herzog quotes a former vegetarian anorectic called Staci who notes that as a youth, “being a vegetarian was a way for me to have more control over my body by taking the fat out of my diet,” and she notes as well that vegetarianism

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