Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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Register to read the introduction… Teenagers in all 50 states are getting caught drinking illegally each and every day. The sad thing is, that it isn’t only teenagers in college that are doing it either. Students in high school, middle school and even elementary. How have we let the problem arise this far? There is just no excuse to be oblivious to the issue anymore. Underage drinking is right in front of our faces, and it is killing not only our children, but also the people that they hurt. Thomas Dee made a valid point by stating, “If we focused more on our children not drinking, than us needing a drink then we would be a lot better off.” It just seems that so many people are focused on getting drunk, than actually doing the right thing. I’m in the Marines and every day on active duty it seemed that someone under the legal age was getting into trouble for drinking. Although, many believe that if you are old enough to die for your country then you should be able to drink underage. The thing is, the government has made it made very clear, and it is those duties to follow the rules of be punished for them. It is not only the health issues that make this law in effect, but the maturity level also. And teenagers over the years have proven over and over, that they are not responsible enough to handle the responsibility of alcohol consumption. On the other hand, trying to be in favor of those who are under the age, there is just no realistic solution in my opinion. Drinkers and parents need to take charge and responsibility for making sure that teenagers don’t drinks; especially don’t drink and drive. One solution for this would be to end all college sponsorships that have to do with any type of alcohol. Although it brings in big bucks for colleges and for scholarships, it’s the right thing to do to protect the students. The main target for alcohol brands is

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