Persuasive Essay On The Vouchers System

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With the 2016 election over, the United States will get new policies, laws, and staff that will affect the country. With the newly elected president, comes with a newly elected Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. Mrs. Devos has clearly stated her ideas and intentions to increase the performance of the United States education. She has mention through the media that she would like to eliminate common core method of teaching, but one intention she has may have profound effect to the nation. That intention Mrs. Devos would like to establish is to have the nation to fully adopt the education school vouchers system. This emerging issue greatly interests me as I work for a school district and currently working on my teaching credential. This voucher …show more content…
Yet, many scholars have pointed that the vouchers system can be beneficial impact to our society under the right circumstance. Matthew Carr, who did a study of the effects of vouchers system in Ohio, stated that voucher “purpose is to provide a direct and immediate outlet for students assign to poorly performing traditional schools “(Carr, 2011, pg. 258). Allowing students to exit a poor perform school may have a dramatic impact on their lives in the future, usually for the better. Vouchers can lead to students getting better quality education they need to live a happy and successful life. Not to say all poor performing schools tend to be in unsafe neighborhood, but generally they are. Most poor perform schools tend to be in low income or impoverish neighborhood. Education vouchers “provide assisted tenants with a greater range of neighborhood choices and, hopefully, enable them to reach better - and safer – neighborhoods” (Lens, 2011, pg. 135). Almost all parents are concern about their child safety, even when it comes to school and the schools neighborhood. If a parent is concern, the school voucher is great alternative of getting their child to a safe neighborhood and access to quality education. The system allows parents and students to have more flexibility over the education they are looking for. Having the ability choose the schools (Charter, Public or Private), or location allows parents and student to have more control over their future. “A key potential benefit of vouchers is that they provide households much more flexibility over location choice than project-based assistance does. Enhanced location choice, proponents argue, will likely reduce urban poverty concentration and allow voucher households access to higher opportunity neighborhoods” (Lens, 2011, pg. 138). The impact of the voucher system may have beneficial impact on the schools that is

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