Persuasive Essay On The Power Of Technology

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Herein contains personal thoughts of learning technologies as used for academic purposes and broad-spectrum primary, secondary and tertiary education. The terms education and technology are currently, the penultimate buzzwords. If one was to reach for a new source or social media outlet one could come to the belief that six-year-olds can build their own Deathstars out of marbles and pre-chewed marshmallows because of the power of technology and its implementation of educational domain. Children who were once so feebleminded, that watching television and chewing gum was an impossibility; are now able to write haikus in Finnish, Urdu, and Cuneiform. All through the power of technology. While some of the success stories are truly with merit and …show more content…
Compatibility-vendors are coming out with new iterations of their software and compatibility issues are constant is a work with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mac Jaguar, lion, El Capitan. Oh yes, should we not forget mobile devices. Android marshmallow jellybean Windows phones, tablets were to be stopped. Oh please. This is getting nuts.
Security - network teams do their best to make sure the information flows freely, but no one gets viruses or data stolen or people looking in places where they shouldn’t horribly difficult problem for these people. Sometimes these applications have to interact with cloud-based environments network security team says no can do technological initiative fails.
Training - faculty and teachers need to learn how to use these new applications. Who’s going to teach them in one of the going to be time to teach them, and more importantly does the faculty want to be taught. These applications especially only one half of them are going to use it.
We could go on but I’m sure the reader has other things to do that are more important like changing the litter box.
• So who drives these technological
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Technological initiatives driven by policymakers or administration often have the worst repercussions. Technological initiatives produced by teachers and faculty. Specifically, to accommodate their needs, such as a specific class seem to have the best results. These generalizations are a product of my personal experience and commentary posted on educational websites. The thing is that there have been many successes, as well as, bottom-up processes as well as top-down processes. I could offhandedly remark that we need to have white papers or best practices for implementation of technology. But a debate and how to formalize it would probably end in futile. It would be no different than comparing constitutional monarchy versus a parliamentary republic on how best to govern ones’

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