Meaning Of Life Research Paper

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If one does not put the effort into giving something into the world, then they, as a person, and their life, is meaningless. No creation, no thoughts, nothing valuable being done, such as Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill over and over again, is not beneficial to this world. One does not gain anything from what Sisyphus is doing. But one can gain many things from the paintings and their painters mentioned before. The paintings can stimulate minds; create an imagination and thought process of others so they too can create their own substances.
For example, I believe my life would not be meaningless if I can help someone else in the world, just as others have helped me. But I wanted to take a creative approach to helping others. Art therapy,
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You don’t have to be creative and you certainly don’t have to strive to be happy all the time. As Taylor writes in The Meaning of Life, “The point of any living thing 's life is, evidently, nothing but life itself,” (Taylor). Many people aren’t content with this view on the meaning of life because it serves no purpose to them. Human beings seek out the meaning of life to find answers to life-long unanswerable questions. Questions about if a God exits or about their own future or even if they’ll make some sort of impact in the world or to others. Frankly, I find that version of the meaning of life boring. Like Camus’ idea, it provides no substance or drive. The meaning of life isn’t really a meaning if the answer is simply life …show more content…
He argues that Sisyphus did not have a meaningful life (Taylor). This is because all his life he did nothing creative. All Sisyphus did was roll up a rock up a hill over and over again forever (Camus). Taylor says that the only lives that are meaningful are the ones that are creative (Taylor). Unless one can argue that a Sisyphus action is something creative, then his life is meaningless. But I do not think that rolling a rock up a hill over and over again is something

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