Persuasive Essay On The Chemical Philiphenyltrichloroethane

With her release of Silent Spring in the early 1960’s, Rachel Carson sparked a great national environmental movement. In her book, Carson released her findings on the detrimental effects of the chemical dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT). At the time, DDT was believed to be the answer to insect problems in the United States and was used extensively. However, Carson explains DDT reaches species not targeted by the chemical and hurts the environment as a whole. Rachel Carson proves, through a number of instances described in her book, that DDT is a quick fix chemical created by big businesses. The author irrefutably demonstrates how the intent of DDT was greatly outweighed by the negative effects it had on the environment and its’ inhabitants. Naturally, man has …show more content…
Carson claims “In nature nothing exists alone” (51). She substantiates this claim through her explanation of the presence of arsenic in our drinking water. Using arsenical insecticides on plants leaves arsenic in the soil. Our rain water then takes the arsenic into the water table. Just because the arsenic isn’t sprayed directly in a water source doesn’t mean that it won’t ultimately reach the water table. Her quote reminds us that direct contact of harmful chemicals isn’t necessary to result in harmful results. Other ways and means exist whereby these harmful substances may eventually affect us. The idea that nothing exists alone in nature can be seen everywhere in our normal lives. In high school, my participation on the crew team required synchronization as a whole on several levels. Crew is the ultimate team sport. Not only does everyone in your boat have to show up to practice each day in order for practice to ensue, but once in the boat, teammates must stroke at the same pace and pull with similar strength. The only way to find success as a team is if everyone is in-sync and working together, not

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