Persuasive Essay On The Benefits Of High School Sports

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“SPORTS ARE A HUGE PART of the American school experience. Last year, almost 8 million high school students participated in organized athletics” (Ripley 1). A high school athlete, said “There was no way I wouldn't play. I know I'm not going to be a professional soccer player, but I'm good at it, and the team atmosphere is something I love. It's not something I'm willing to give up easily” (“High School Sports Injuries” 7). Students benefit from participating in high school sports. According to advocates of high school sports programs, “High school sports can keep students fit and healthy, and can also encourage values such as team spirit and hard work, they assert” (6). Opponents may say that high school sports are too dangerous and that certain sports should be removed. Each sport has its own set of risk, but the …show more content…
("America's Sports Obsession.")
In addition to health benefits, being involved in high school sports introduces the students to a hard work ethic. They have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to reach their goals. This will also help improve their time-managing abilities, when it comes to sports and school work. High school sports help build students into leaders and encourages them to use teamwork in order to achieve success.
In conclusion, participating in high school sports is helping students in many different ways. Participating in sports increases academic performance, health, and hard work ethic. Although participating in sports while in high school is very risky and can be dangerous, the benefits are worth the risks. That being said, the appropriate safety precautions need to be followed in order to minimize

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