The Consequences Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

World War 2 was a time of great hostility between nations. The United States of America had endured many tragedies and lost the lives of many brave troops while trying to defend their nation. Attacks against the United States made by Japan, such as Pearl Harbor, left America with only one option; to fight back and end the war. With the help of great scientists and a top secret project, the United Sates worked hard and fast to create the first ever chain reaction between the splitting of atoms, that would also be known as an atomic bomb. The first atomic bomb to ever be used in warfare was used in 1945 on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These events killed and injured many Japanese citizens and left their cities damaged and destroyed. …show more content…
Truman took office. Truman had experience in the military and was a Captain in Field Artillery in World War 1 (The White House). After taking office, he soon found out about the secret Manhattan Project and made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. There were many alternatives to dropping the bomb such as an invasion on Japan, a naval blockade, and waiting for allied help (Center for Strategic and International Studies). Truman took into great consideration all the factors and the effects that each alternative would have. If Truman had decided to invade Japan, it would have resulted in a great number in civilian deaths. However, many still argue that the death toll for the invasion would have been smaller than the death toll of the atomic bomb. The naval blockade on Japan was eliminated from the choices due to the fact that it would take longer than any other alternative. Although the alternative of waiting for help from the Soviet Union would have been helpful, Truman believed that it wouldn’t necessarily put an end to the war. However, the decision to drop the atomic bomb was based on multiple crucial factors. One reason was that Truman was determined to end the war as soon as possible. Many American troops were being killed or injured and America needed some relief from war. Another reason was that the United States wanted to get revenge on Japan for the attacks that were made in Pearl Harbor. After such a horrific and unexpected attack, Truman felt that getting back at Japan was crucial. Other reasons included justifying the Manhattan Project. Millions of dollars and the work of thousands of people were put into building the first atomic bomb. In order to make the money, time, and resources worth it, the bomb had to be dropped. Clearly many alternatives were taken into consideration before Truman made his final decision to drop the bomb. However, the

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