Standardized Tests: The Difficulty Of Selecting Academic Students

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College is the ultimate goal for most high school students. The acceptance from the college of your choice means a huge weight can be lifted off your shoulders for the future. The road to acceptance, however, is not as simple. From the burden of tons of high school work to preparation for college, lives of high school students are filled with an abundance of important responsibilities. Standardized tests are part of the reasoning behind the stress of applying to many different colleges. The uneasiness of not knowing what the tests will ask you is unbearable. The pressure of college can stem from many different aspects in one’s life. Whether the stress stems from high school faculty or parents overwhelming their student, nothing can compare to the stress of standardized tests. The initial prepping, hours of studying, and the weight the tests carry have the potential to make the dreams of college come true, or crush the high hopes of being accepted to the college of their dreams.
One of the questions high school students ask frequently is,
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There are so many fantastic schools in the United States that the nation’s colleges have very tough decisions. Yet, I think colleges put most of their faith that the best students will have the best test results on standardized tests. I do not think this theory is true. An article from U.S. News says, “A report by a group of influential experts recommends that colleges re-examine their admissions and merit aid policies and consider admitting students without the use of scores from standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT” ( I agree with the statement because test scores do not define the character of a person and the potential they have to make the world a better place. Hours of studying and stress on a person’s brain will only make their scores worse, so the severity of doing well on a standardized test should be

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