Persuasive Essay On Spy On Children

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Would you spy on your child? Spy is a harsh word, right? Yet so many parents do this in order to get to know and understand their child more. Many parents have these “security software” on their children's computers, basically it allows them to see their child’s every move. I believe that parent’s shouldn’t do this because if the only way they can find out about what's happening in their child’s life is through spying on them, then they need to improve their relationship. Parents need to have a positive working relationship with their teen.

“When it comes to chatting with pedophiles or watching beheading or gambling away their entire life savings, then...then their children deserve independence?” (Coben 1). I believe that parents who need to get this software are not being responsible, maybe if they talked to their teen then their teen will tell them about their life. The parent needs to have trust in their teen in order for their teen to have trust in them.

Yes, spyware is a bit over dramatic because it allows the parent to see if their teen is in danger. It could protect their child and if all goes well they will have more trust in their teen knowing they know how to manage the online world. But in the end would it be worth it? Imagine this, you're a
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If the teen has a bad background of getting in trouble then it will be a different story. Every parent needs trust for their parent-child relationship to work, without trust there is nothing left. This software is an invasion of privacy, even if their teen is opening up more to their friends or social media but there is a reason for that. Why would they open up more to a screen than a parent, it all comes down to one thing, they trust their friends more than their parent. By applying this software you're only making your teen trust you less, be aware there are both positives and negatives in this

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