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Sharks Persuasive Essay
The increase of Shark attacks in Australia during 2015 has contributed to serious questions about safety and wellbeing of water goers. Firstly sharks take pleasure in the destruction of innocent people, the numbers in shark attacks are on a 20 year high, sharks have a very brutal way of attacking humans and the tourism industry in major coastal cities is slowing due to the fear of shark attacks and beach closures.. Sharks are human cullers, they are attacking humans in unprovoked attacks. Laura Banks states “Would you still be keen to cuddle up to a great white at night?”

In Laura Banks’ article “When sharks are eating people it’s time to cull” portrays shark culling as a justifiable and necessary response to the problem of shark attacks. This is because she sees sharks as menacing and predatory animals that take pleasure in their destruction of human beings. She positions the reader to believe sharks are the evil enemy to innocent people and because of this they deserve to be culled. For example “Most of us couldn’t fight our way out of a paper bag” is a hyperbole which reiterates the importance of shark attacks and how defenceless we can be. Consequently it's time to cull sharks as they are culling us.
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The graph shows that shark attacks are a serious issue and that the number of shark attacks is on a 20 year high. For example, 2009 had the highest number of shark attack injuries, 17 and the years of 2010 and 2013 had the highest number of shark attack fatalities, 5. In addition, Taronga Zoo’s Shark Attack File states that there have been 13 unprovoked attacks in 2015 compared to 3 provoked attacks in 2014. Most of the shark attacks have occurred on the NSW north coast, including places such as : Shelly Beach, Evans Head and Ballina. Therefore shark attacks are a serious issue as the they are on a 20 year

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