Informative Essay On Self Defense

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How would an untrained person conduct themselves if he encountered a fight? Some may be fine in a fight because they are innately strong and could intimidate the attacker and others are good at running away and avoiding the fight all together. However, some will not know what to do in that type of situation in light of that they have never been taught. The defender would have to rely on his unaccustomed instincts and what he has seen throughout his life, which would be mainly be action movies that have fight scenes in them. The defender would ultimately be helpless as the attacker has more confidence and believes that he could win. One way to prevent these types of scenarios is to have a self defense club at Grace Christian Academy. Self defense …show more content…
However, in response to the complaint, the name “self defense” would be void if someone used it for violence. Self defense is defined by its own words as the protection of the individual by the individual alone. Attacking others based on being able to is not the right philosophy in learning self defense. Those who use the name self defense to learn how to inflict pain on others should not have been taught in the first place. One is able to spot the these people by how they act throughout the practice. They would act unnecessarily rough and try to assert dominance where it is not needed. Those who do should be severely punished and expelled from the club as they have used the skill and turned it into a way of hurting others. Another reason that this reason is invalid, is that there is already violence in the world that has been there since the Fall. Protecting yourself is not violence as the defender did not intend to fight. The best way to fight is to not fight at all and through peaceful resolutions. If the fight is unavoidable and the instigator is adamant about fighting, then the defender has a right to use self defense to protect himself. Self defense can protect the lives of innocents and people who are oppressed but should never be used for senseless

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