Persuasive Essay On Save The Owls

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Register to read the introduction… The steady decline of the owl indicates the demise of other species, such as elk and other flying squirrel, that inhabit these forests, and also the disruption of productive forces of nature that sustain human life. The ancient forest plays a crucial role in the prevention of soil erosion, floods, and landslides. It also provides clean water for agriculture and cities, and enriching the soil with vital nutrients and enhancing the green house effect. No amount of reforestation can replace this highly developed and diverse ecosystem, which has taken many, many years to evolve.

While the environmentalist agree that saving the owl’s habitat could cost jobs, they argue that these same jobs will be lost anyway. If clear cutting continues at its current rate of 125,000 acres a year, the old growth forest will be completely gone within 30 years and the mills forced to close down anyhow.

On the other hand, the timber industry maintains that the harm that will be done is greater than the benefits of saving the owl. Should logging in the old growth forest be reduced, many Americans, and in particular communities in the
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Clear cutting is ecologically unsound as it destroys a complex ecosystem and in the process not only destroy the owls’ habitat, but also endanger many of the species which rely on it. However, the protection of the spotted owl was far from catastrophic as many feared. Despite the loss of jobs in the timber industry, many of the workers found jobs elsewhere, some returned to school and get formal education, and even self-employed. Consequently, the actual number of people who lost their jobs is a far cry from the inflammatory predictions that as many as 100,000 to 150,000 people would be out of

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