Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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It was not until the rise of Christianity that same-sex relationships and marriages were considered a sin. In Assyria homosexuality was recognized and according the History News Network at George Mason College Roman Emperors were in same sex marriages more we’re considered gay or bisexual. But it wasn’t until 32AD in the Theodosian Code that prohibited marriages and relationships and those who took part were sentenced to execution (Frakes). Even in 2015 the country of Iran hold executions for those who are considered gay. And in the U.S. 13 states have still failed to legalize same-sex marriage (“13 states still ban”). Gay marriage should be legalized and have the rights as a heterosexual couple to further create equality and take steps in …show more content…
Its easy to understand that under the Christian religion the same core values have remained and stood the test of time but it’s hard to see that in 2015 even the United States, where we have already came so far in so many other issues, still have thirteen states that have yet to fully allow same-sex marriage and continue to believe that a man loving another man or a woman loving another woman is so morally wrong that they consider it a sin. While eight of the thirteen do have court rulings pending in favor of allowing marriage licenses in the state (“13 states still ban”). In the article Polygamy: More Common Than You Think, by Rose McDermott he discusses the fact that the definition of marriage being between just a single man and women is historically incorrect and how the public view of polygamy around the world has changed from as far back as 1890 in Canada where the country had and anti polygamy stature and is now revisiting the case and finding it invalid. Around the world we can find countries that fully support this unconventional way of marriage. This form of marriage remains in Africa and “Under Islamic Shariah law, a man is allowed to marry up to four women as long as he can provide for them equally” (McDermott). And this form of marriage can be seen on tv shows such as TLC’s Sister Wives. I believe that if the world is able to give support in these other forms of a marriage than different parts of the world and in our country can stop having such a bad opinion on same-sex marriage. Given this history the definition and concept of marriage between a single man and women only is just incorrect and completely turning a blind eye to someone elses form of

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