The American Dream: The Rent To Own Home

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The rent to own program is a wonderful ideal. I feel it gives people a goal who has never owned a home. It also allows those who were previous home owners to get back on their feet and repair their credit. The economy is rocky right now as well as the housing market, but that is no reason for people to become discouraged. Rent to own allows a person to build up their savings until they feel they are ready to make that big purchase. It’s just about everyone’s dream to own their own home. There are so many people who save their money, clean up their credit and get denied when they go to try and purchase a home. When you rent property to own you already know the person you’re renting from. You have established a good relationship with this person and they are helping you to better yourself and do something nice for your family. There is nothing wrong with renting to own. You have the …show more content…
With the economy being so bad and people being out of work there are so many people who have given up on their dream of being a home owner. But people don’t have to give up on their dream when there are so many different options out there. The rent to own option is a wonderful program especially for young couples who have not established enough credit. There are some home owners who purchase homes and rent them out never think about the rent to own program and there are those that do offer that option, but not many. I remember my niece moved out of town because she was struggling so badly here in Pittsburgh, she moved to Charlotte North Carolina. She got a job instantly and she found an apartment. Well the apartment complex where she lived offered a program where they put so much of your rent in escrow so you can purchase a home. Within in that year time my niece was having her home built and she is a proud home owner

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