The Importance Of Puppy Mills

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Imagine living in a small, dirty, cold cage, waiting for water that will contain bugs swimming in it, or hoping for some food, even though it looks like it came from the garbage. Imagine not remembering the last time stretching out or running around was even a consideration. This is the harsh reality of dogs at puppy mills, a place that is cruel and heartless. All animals deserve better conditions than these in the world. They may not speak, but they still feel a range of emotions. Puppy mills must be outlawed because their treatment of animals is so inhumane and destroys the animal's well-being.
Dogs are supposed to be known as man’s best friend. However, “man” does not always return the feeling. Puppy mills are a commercial dog-breeding facility
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After the puppies are born, they are taken away from their mothers and sold to stores by the 4th or 8th week of their lives. Many die due to the fact that most are taken before they are weaned. This also confuses the puppies, and many end up dying because they do not know how to perform simple tasks such as eating. This results in starvation and death for many puppies before they are able to reach adoption age. Also, the dogs begin to develop fear behaviors and lack of socialization skills with humans and other animals. However, many people argue that puppy mills have many breeds to choose from. There are also many animals to choose from animal shelters and rescue groups. The difference is that the public knows animals in animal shelters are usually treated humanely and with care. At shelters and rescue groups, they have protection from weather and the different climates, and most importantly, they have veterinarian care for their animals. Puppy mills have nothing that help the animals’ well-being. Mills do not have cleanup control and the regulations are rarely ever enforced. Another argument might be that dogs at puppy mills are purebred and at animal shelters, they are not. However, that is untrue. Shelter animals are 25% purebred. Also, many of the puppy mill dogs are sold online, and people think that is more convenient. If an animal is sold online, it is often connected to a puppy mill or a inhumane place. Responsible sellers care about the homes their puppies are brought

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