Persuasive Essay On Public Education

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Stevenson said “yes” to public school.She works in public school as librarian for more than 10 years which makes her agreement much more convincing. She thinks public school is a diverse and democratic institution which will not leave any child alone. “While that may be the way of the wolves on Wall Street, we public school teachers will not abandon the lambs in our charge.”(Stvenson, 6) She draw an analogy to describe some children in private school are doing so well on their academic, however, the students in public school maybe weaken than those students in private school, but public school teachers want to protect them and are willing to see their improvements. The aim of public school is promote “the common good”by nurturing children with …show more content…
Massachusetts passed the first compulsory school laws in 1852.(Wtason, 1) The Puritans were the first in this country to point out the need for some kind of public education. (Wtason,1)They established schools to teach not just the essentials-reading, writing and math- but also to reinforce their core values. From the early days of the nation, public education has played a vital role in American democratic society. Public schools helps to educate their citizens with the basic knowledge, help youth to become responsible citizens, reduce the inequality in America society and help America looks more charming and a haven to some immigrants. U.S citizens are more active than any other citizens in the world which is not because of their characters, is because they are well educated than any other nations due to they have free institutions- public schools. “Public schools are the last bastion of our American public culture. Without them, those with the privilege of being born into better economic situations will eventually be the only ones who would be educated.” (Dianeravitch) Some countries luck of these free institutions which result their people are lack of knowledge, moreover, they even lack the knowledge to use the machine which imported from other country. I know that the government in Saudi Arabia pay the tuition for those young people study in America, because they need their citizens to be well educated. Also in China, a small amount of people want to become one of the immigration in United States is because their life in China is not well-off, they can not afford the high tuition fee in China but they want their children to be well educated in order to get away of poorness. They are so unbridled to come to U.S.A in oder to let their children to join the free public education and use their knowledge to get better job. If the public

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