The Importance Of Pride

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Fire, a dangerous element, which has been used to burn cities to the ground, has been used to forge the world we live in and has helped mankind live through the darkest times, a person’s pride is no different. Pride is the one feeling that has been used to keep people fighting to survive and do better since the beginning of mankind. This same feeling is also the cause of men becoming arrogant and fool-hearty to ask for help, see the truth, or in some cases both. No matter the cause, pride has pushed people to move forward and do better regardless if it was right or wrong. Regardless if pride is viewed as a virtue or sin, there is no denying that it has given many people the will to live.
In the beginning pride is used to boost one’s self confidence
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Pride never starts off as a bad quality, in
President Lincoln’s case it never became bad, but sometimes this same pride that President
Lincoln had will become too much for a person or a group of people. When the pride of people becomes too great to the point of blinding or arrogance, is when good deeds make a turn for the worse. Pride never starts off as a bad feeling, it usually starts with a feeling of desire. Whether starting off from riches or rags, the desire to complete a goal drives everyone. This drive becomes dedicate and hard work, after seeing improvement this feeling becomes pride in one’s self or group for accomplishing or on the road to accomplishing these goals. It is at this point where pride can take a turn for the worse, at this point is where a person or group of people takes too much pride in themselves that they believe they are better than other people. “The Germans,
Hitler claimed, were a ‘master race’, who had the right to rule other people.” ("Life in Nazi
Germany." 2015). As the German people suffered from many problems after World War I, when the Nazi party stepped in to “help” the people on a path to a better future people began to
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A too prideful Hitler made a country proud of itself once again but then used this pride to attempt to conquer the world, this pride is what also got Hitler killed in the end as well. Each man lived by what he thought was right, each man had huge ideas and goals, but in the end one went too far with his pride. While pride is what got both Hitler and
Lincoln killed, it also gave them a reason to live, a reason to fight, and eventually a reason to be remembered for centuries to come.
Fire will burn wildly if not kept in check but if kept in checked and harnessed correctly it can forge items in which the world has never seen before, pride is no different than fire.
President Lincoln harnessed his pride and used it to change the United States of America so drastically that to this day it is still felt. As Hitler let his pride run out of control it caused a great fire that also to this day is still felt and read about as he came close to destroying the world as we knew it. Pride has proven time and time again to give people a reason to live regardless if it’s for good or bad. In the end fire is simply fire, it is only as powerful as the person controlling it or in some people’s cases, not controlling

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