Pitbulls Should Be Banned

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A fond family pet and a loyal working dog, the pit bull is a loving animal, known for its loyalty and valor. However, it has recently gotten a bad reputation, namely because of several accidents. In more modern times, pit bulls have been assumed dangerous and vicious. They have been avoided and several laws have been made against them, almost to the point where people are not allowed to keep pit bulls as pets. The truth, though, often is that many of them are affectionate dogs that deserve better treatment than the way they are currently being treated, unlike popular public opinion. Many people purposely avoid them and the dogs are therefore not given a chance to prove themselves for what they are. People must understand that pit bulls may …show more content…
People claim that this is true of all pit bulls because of several overly exaggerated incidents that the media has spread widely. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, media corporations often tell animal control officers that a dog attack will not be covered unless it involves a pit bull. As claimed by the newspaper editorial “The Media and the Pit Bull,” the media often over-reports pit bull incidents and incorrectly report dog attacks to involve pit bulls as well. Therefore, many people’s fear of the pit bull is not caused by its true personality; it is caused by the improper promotion of the media. The pit bull, as stated before, is often not a menace to humans. The biased reaction of people, often caused by the media, is what makes it a threat to the human eye. The response that people give to the pit bull, however, is caused by unnecessary exaggeration of the pit bull and incorrect information that is being given out. This admirable breed is still the great dog that it once was, but it is now being viewed differently from certain viewpoints. Certain laws have been formed to prevent pit bulls from being adopted, but as the public is reconsidering their position in the debate, the necessity of these laws is being questioned. Although the demand for pit bulls is gradually rising again, the media still often over reports pit bull incidents. However, people are finally beginning to see the good in the pit bull and are finally beginning to look at the

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