Persuasive Essay On Organic Farming

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If people grew their produce organically and did not use any pesticides or herbicides they do not contribute to air pollution. Also it keeps all those harsh chemicals off your plate unlike buying them from the super market. Organic farming reduces pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, and use less energy. Harvey Ussery, a farmer and farming website coordinator, points out, “The cheap food that our government has pushed so hard to achieve, however, is cheap only insofar as we ignore some of the true costs involved; costs such as the pollution of groundwater by runoff from giant feedlots and excessive use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers; and the heavy use of antibiotics in high-confinement feeding operations that eventually makes …show more content…
For the people with small backyards they can create a square foot garden. It only takes up a square foot of the yard and provides enough space for a good amount of food to grow to last a long time. Then for people with no yards or have yards but have too much shade can have window sill gardens and also balcony/patio gardens. You would be amazed at how much can grow out of one little pot. There is also the option of having an indoor container garden. As long as they get 4-5 hours of sunlight every day it should go well. Or if first time growers want to get more involved with their community there are also community gardens where they can have their own plot to grow their own food! People should not let little or no spaces keep them from growing their own food because there are many types of ways to do it. There are plenty of solutions to problems such as these. Having little space or no space at all is not a problem. Another example, that people have with growing their own produce is that it is time consuming or just too much work. With home gardening you have to keep a very watchful eye on your produce. Gardeners have to watch out for weeds that pop up here and there. If they do sneak their way in their garden they will of course have to pull them out continuously. Gardening requires a lot of time investment no matter what kind of gardening techniques people use. …show more content…
Convenient food may be the quickest and easiest way to acquire, however home grown is worth the wait and patience. If someone were to walk in to a grocery store during winter and see that ‘fresh’ tomatoes are still being sold it makes them wonder how is it possible when tomatoes are not in season anymore? The answer is they are not as fresh as they appear to be. In the article, “Here’s the Unsettling Journey of Your Out-Of-Season Produce”, by Environmental Studies graduate Alex Hawkins, she talks about how out-of-season produce that shoppers see in grocery stores is up to a year old. Tomatoes are picked unripe and are stored into trucks that are, what Hawkins likes to refer to them as, a “fridge on wheels”. Since producers do not want the produce to ripen before they hit the shelves they are frozen. Then next step Hawkins states is, “Once the tomatoes arrive to their destination, they’re gassed with ethylene, which speeds up the ripening process to give off the illusion that the tomato is fresh” ( Indeed the process lengthened the shelf-life of the produce but it is more of a negative than appositive thing. Many people would probably reconsider if they really knew the process to make convenient food actually ‘convenient’. People have a choice, either buy convenient produce that is bad for your health but is easily acquired or grow their own food that is worth the time it

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