Persuasive Essay On Oral Surgeons

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Register to read the introduction… I have watched my dad operate on people since I was little and it always fascinated me. I thought that it was amazing how a person could be rushed in to the emergency room, from a car accident, with his jaw in five different pieces, then a few months later that same person could be just find. I have always love to help people and I think that is the best way to help people. I also would like to work beside my dad in his practice. We probably would make the best two partners because we think alike. We are always on the same page, this helps when you are in surgery and a critical decision need to be made right there and there is no time to argue over …show more content…
You must start out with a Bachelor of Science degree. Then you must go to dental school. After which you have to go through what is known as a residency. By the end you will have taken three board exams, two written and the third is oral. Oral surgeons need many skills. They need the patience to put up with waiting around and getting through the schooling that it takes to become an Oral Surgeon. Once you get through with all your schooling the benefits are endless. If you get in with other doctors you could start you own practice or you can start working for another doctor, so you can take over their practice when they retire. Once established the Oral Surgeon can make dollars which can rank in to the millions, if the are good enough. I think that being a doctor, even more specifically an Oral Surgeon, is one of the most gratifying careers that is offered in today's world. The ability to take care of people with the compassion that doctors do it is truly fascinating, considering what they have to go through to get there and what they have to put up with once they get there. The stress that they have to deal with is incredible. When they are in the emergency room they have to make critical decisions that could be life or death chooses and they have to live with them. Then they have to worry about all the diseases that they face in every day procedures. They also have to put up with the patience that just does not appreciate the care that they are give. After all this, they have to go home and be able to put their frustrations behind them so they do not take them out on their family. I think that I would make a good Oral Surgeon. It would be a challenge to become one and I

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