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If you are a parent and you have kids then you have probably heard of Minecraft and chances are you have no idea what a Creeper, a Ghast, Zombie Pig Men, or Withers are. I am here to help. I have a ten year old boy who loves his Minecraft. It is all about imagination he tells me. I guess that’s why parents don’t get it. So let 's get started.
First off we will want to start with the basics. Upon entering the world the first two things you will want to do is build a shelter and crafting tools. You will want to do this all before night falls. Finding trees and harvesting them is the first step to making the tools you will need. Once you have found the trees you will need to punch them with your fist and collect the wood that drops. Once you
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Once those are made then you can start building your dream house or at least your first structure. The purpose of the night one shelter is to protect you from the monsters that only come out at night. You should use your wood shovel to gather dirt, this is the fastest way to get dirt walls. However, if you have stone available for your walls then you can use your new pickaxe to gather that. Your first night one shelter doesn’t need to be big right now, it just needs to cover you on all four sides with a roof until morning. Last but not least you will need to build your furnace. For this you will need cobblestone. You need at least twenty cobblestone blocks for this task. You can usually find it below the earth, you can use your shovel to dig through a few layers of dirt or grass until you see some. Once you have at least twenty cobblestone blocks you are ready to lock yourself away for night one. To build your furnace you will need to place one block of cobblestone on each of the outer crafting squares, leave the center-middle square empty. You should probably place your furnace near your crafting table for convenience. Once your furnace is built then you should be able to craft some charcoal. Place a wooden plank in the bottom square and a few wooden blocks on the top square to make charcoal. You 'll want to have at least five pieces of charcoal. Now you can take the …show more content…
Creepers can be very dangerous. If you go up to them they can explode but if you can manage to kill them with a weapon before that then they can drop gunpowder. You can kill it but hitting it with a weapon. Creepers are always going to be green, so you can identify it before you come to blows with it.
Withers are the most dangerous of the monsters. If you get curious like my son Kyler did then you can spawn one by placing three soulsand stacked up and two on the sides, add three skeletons on top and you will have a Wither. Keep in mind that these have no purpose and they will destroy everything in it 's path.
Now that we have discussed the monsters and their purpose let 's move on to the farming. You will want to start by setting up a wheat farm. You can add other crops later like the potatoes and carrots you got from the zombies. You will want to gather sugarcane, that is used for maps and books ( you will also need iron and redstone for maps and leather for books, but you will do that a little later). You should also remember not to harvest everything you find and replant at least half so you always have a

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