Should Marijuana Be Legalized In The United States Of America?

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Marijuana not only promotes addicting habits, but gives people a reason to not perform the daily tasks that they should be doing. Marijuana is a drug that can be consumed in several different ways like a blunt, tea, food, or bong. The similarities between these forms is that they all create the same lasting effect that any drug would, and it can be harmful to yourself and the people around you. Marijuana makes you feel like you are dreaming, and it may relieve your worries for a short period of time, but you will soon snap back into reality and realize the negative effects it will have on your body. The use of marijuana should not be legalized in the United States of America, because it is a gateway to other drugs, promotes crime and violence, …show more content…
Since marijuana is a weed that has many chemicals, this is very dangerous because when it is smoked, it is put into our system. People may say that medical marijuana is useful and can save your life if you use it correctly, but it has chemicals that can harm you and make you illness worse. According to Teens Drug Abuse, “There is very little scientific evidence that marijuana is even effective and safe for treating medical issues.” If medical marijuana or any type of marijuana is consumed often, it can greatly affect the lungs when it is smoked, it passes through the lungs. One of the hardest things for the use of medical marijuana is to hand out accurate doses of it. This is hard because it has chemicals and can become addicting if it is consumed in large portions. When you are prescribed medical marijuana, you have to be just as careful when using recreational marijuana, because they both have chemicals that can potentially hurt your body rather than help …show more content…
The use of marijuana is very dangerous to many people, whether they are in bad health or are under age because, it can harm your body and make you become addicted to it. Chuck Rosenberg who works as president for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) helps people who are against marijuana keep it illegal. He can be contacted by address which is, 8701 Morrissette Drive Springfield, VA 22152. Chuck Rosenberg enforces the law of marijuana being illegal, and believes that it harms people more than it benefits them. The law of marijuana being illegal should be enforced so people do not become addicted, have a flaw in their health, or injure anyone while under the influence of this powerful

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