Dorm Life

Living at home? But I’m in College! One of the first major decisions we have to make after college acceptance is deciding where to live. The most common choice college students seem to make is moving into a dorm. Moving into a dorm and gaining the freedom college offers is a rite of passage for young adults. However, the excitement and freedom dorm life offers may work for some students but others may find it more difficult. Living at home can be a good alternative for students who may not find dorm life all it is intended to be. Unfortunately, living at home can present challenges as well.
Dorm life is the most frequent choice first year students make. Pinterest may be partially to blame for the enthusiastic response to living in a tiny room
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Dealing with the anxiety is hard work and not having family to lean on can sometimes make small problems seem larger. It is not uncommon for students to deal with anxiety or being homesick, sadly for some emotions can go beyond normal adjustments to college life. It may seem silly that students can suffer from loneliness while on a campus full of other students but it is true. Students have roommates, events and activities on campus, but for the most part students are thrust into a world of strangers and expected to make connections. If those connections are not made quickly students may feel alone and in need of someone in whom they can confide. Freshman may also find it difficult to express their emotions to parents due to the expectations their parents may have and the financial commitments that have been made. Being overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness and expectations of success combined with day to day life in the dorms can cause further feelings of anxiety. Between finding classes on the first day of school to finding time to study college is an over-whelming process. Sometimes living in a dorm can make this over-whelming feeling worse. Students are used to being able …show more content…
The rise of on campus housing cost presents one reason that living at home might be a better option. Home life can also provide comfort to students dealing with the transition from high school to college. Students are able to adjust to college expectations while having the support of family. The overwhelming feelings students may feel in a dorm are tempered living at home because they are not having to deal numerous new experiences at one time. Students are responsible for either commuting or attending online classes and living at home can provide accountability. Spiritual life can also deepen at home because there is time to focus on a relationship with God. Events and other activities do not pull attention away from devotion time. Students would get the chance to pray, talk with God and just breathe. Students would also be able to go to their home church instead of looking for a new one. This could allow the students the opportunity to continue in to serve in their church instead of adding the stress of trying to find their place in a new church. This could also impact the relationship that the student has with God. By living at home the student would be able to take spend more time talking to God and worshipping

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