Persuasive Essay On Living At Home

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Living at home? But I’m in College! One of the first major decisions we have to make after college acceptance is deciding where to live. The most common choice college students seem to make is moving into a dorm. Moving into a dorm and gaining the freedom college offers is a rite of passage for young adults. However, the excitement and freedom dorm life offers may work for some students but others may find it more difficult. Living at home can be a good alternative for students who may not find dorm life all it is intended to be. Unfortunately, living at home can present challenges as well.
Dorm life is the most frequent choice first year students make. Pinterest may be partially to blame for the enthusiastic response to living in a tiny room
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A major draw to dorm life is the opportunity to live independently, without hovering parents. Students are able to decide when they study, spend time with friends and other than curfew times when they come and go. Dorm life offers constant contact with other students and opportunities to make friends. Sharing a room with an existing friend or making a new friend can be another benefit to dorm life. Still, the decision on whether or not to live on campus should not be taken lightly. While living in the dorm many students face the loneliness of being away from home and family for the first time. Despite best efforts to make the dorm feel as much like home as possible what students learn is that home is where family lives. Depending on the individual, the shock of dorm life can be an emotional, physical and spiritual experience. Entering college is an emotional rollercoaster in the best of circumstances but when students realize they are solely responsible for their decisions it can become overwhelming. The responsibility of those decision can often produce anxiety. Dealing with the anxiety is hard work and not having …show more content…
It may seem silly that students can suffer from loneliness while on a campus full of other students but it is true. Students have roommates, events and activities on campus, but for the most part students are thrust into a world of strangers and expected to make connections. If those connections are not made quickly students may feel alone and in need of someone in whom they can confide. Freshman may also find it difficult to express their emotions to parents due to the expectations their parents may have and the financial commitments that have been made. Being overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness and expectations of success combined with day to day life in the dorms can cause further feelings of anxiety. Between finding classes on the first day of school to finding time to study college is an over-whelming process. Sometimes living in a dorm can make this over-whelming feeling worse. Students are used to being able to relax after coming home from school and finding ways to step away from school stress. Dorm life can be an extension of school stress due to the constant activity level and noise. On the other hand, students who do enjoy getting involved and living in the dorms may face struggles with managing social

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