Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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Throughout the recent years there has been a rapidly growing topic that has been gaining mixed opinions all through society which is the legalization of Marijuana. Many people support Marijuana, they believe that it is beneficial to each and every user, whether it be for stress reduction, a pain reliever, or to help obtain an appetite. Although Cannabis can have several benefits some residents thought that if it does become legal that it would have major consequences throughout society. Whether it increases the amount of people driving under the influence, traffic fatalities, or an increase in underage use.
In January 2014 one state finally voted to become the first within the United States of America to legalize Marijuana for recreational use. According to Dr. Durkin, “With the support of fifty-five percent of their voters, Colorado now permits state residents to legally buy up to an ounce of cannabis during a single transaction. As to where non-residents are able to purchase a maximum of a quarter ounce at a time. ” (Durkin, 2014). Despite Colorado legalizing Marijuana Forbes has Denver rated as the best city in the U.S.A for prospering businesses.
Ten days after the legalization Colorado managed to make over $Five million in sales which nearly resulted in a
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To be able to make over sixty-three million dollars in a single year will benefits Colorado’s economy greatly. Although there were many doubts about negative factors resulting for cannabis, there has not been an increase in crime or violence, not even adolescent use. Nevertheless there has been an increase in hospital visits, which is primarily due to the users who purchased the product not knowing how strong it is, or leaving it out for unknowing children to eat. Overall marijuana has for the majority benefited Colorado as a whole, and has helped increase their overall

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