Who Was Responsible For Julius Caesar's Death

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Julius Caesar’s Death

Is it okay to assassinate someone? World leaders have to face this decision every day. There have been some awful rulers around the world, but it is impossible to kill someone without there being consequences. When the U.S. decided to kill Saddam Husain, it caused chaos in Iraq which is still going on today. The same thing happened when the conspirators killed Julius Caesar. They rushed into it and didn’t think about the things that would follow after murdering him. Caesar had committed no crime and did not deserve to die so of course people were mad and they question the decision to kill him. Julius Caesar should not have been assassinated.
Julius Caesar had accomplished amazing things for Rome and was a great leader who did not
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After Julius Caesar was murdered, Rome was in a state of chaos. A war broke out almost immediately after his death and Brutus, Cassius and many other were killed. It obviously was not a good idea to murder Caesar because the people of Rome questioned whether he actually deserved it. Once Antony had convinced them that Caesar did not deserve it they retaliated and attacked the conspirators. For a long time after that Rome still could not get back on its feet, and there were two civil wars back to back. There was so much chaos and destruction after Caesar was killed which proves that it was a bad decision to murder him.
In conclusion Julius Caesar should not have been assassinated. It is morally wrong to kill someone and it should be the last resort. There were better ways to handle the situation. There was also no reason for Caesar to be killed since he never actually did anything wrong. Finally, killing him just caused more trouble than before and it led to Brutus, Cassius and many others to be killed. Everyone would have been better off if the conspirators had of thought of these things before murdering Julius

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