Persuasive Essay On Intelligence

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What is intelligence anyway? Intelligence is defined as the ability to learn and develop skills, but when they test for intelligence they only test on an academic level. Along with these biased questions some students are bad test takers which is entirely intensified by the testing environment approved by most states, this along with everything else certainly determines that if students who are renowned in other fields but are not academically up to par will fail this test. There should be a test used for tested intelligence on a broad scale using many different professionals to make these questions not just the academically gifted. Without a test that reflects students gifted in fields other than academics we will be throwing away some of …show more content…
We have taken strides over the years but these test are still written by only the academically gifted who most likely have no knowledge of car mechanics for example. In fact as Isaac Asimov proclaims “My intelligence, then, is not absolute but is a function of the society I live in and of the fact that a small subsection of that society has managed to foist itself on the rest as an arbiter of such matters.” (821) This proves that these tests are not showing the potential of every student. If there was a test that tested for mechanical aptitude, intelligence, teaching ability, and any other field that can be thought of then this test would truly be and intelligence test and would help students and show students what fields they excel in but no such test exists. So there is no intelligence test just a test that determines the academic aptitude of each student. Without this test we will never reach societies true potential and will be throwing away the brightest minds of our time. If we continue this cycle our society will be throwing away the potential for some of the greatest inventions and cures of our

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