Persuasive Essay On Hunting

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Hunting Hunting has been around since the beginning of time. Now all of a sudden, people seem to despise those who hunt. Hunters get ridiculed for every time they post a picture of their hunt because someone considers it inhumane. It really annoys hunters everywhere when someone says, “That poor animal shouldn’t have been killed,” or, “That 's gross. You shouldn’t put that on the internet.” People just don’t understand that hunting for some people is a way of life. Hunters should be allowed to hunt how they want and not have to be ridiculed by those who oppose hunting.
People who don’t hunt and, don’t like hunting are offended every time a hunter shoots an animal. But that person doesn’t understand why the hunter is out hunting. Honest hunters
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Yes, hunting can be dangerous if done incorrectly. That is why there are laws set in place to keep hunters safe. Wearing blaze orange while shotgun hunting for deer is huge in safety. It not only lets people know where they are when hunting in a group. But if they run across somebody wearing orange, they know that person is holding a gun. In order to hunt over the age of 12, hunters have to take a hunter safety class which teaches them how to be a safe and responsible hunter. Yes, accidents happen while out hunting whether someone shoots where they shouldn’t shoot or they fall and injure themselves getting in and out of their hunting spot. Falling out of a tree stand is another possible fatal accident for hunters, that is why they created safety harnesses to wear up in the tree stand. It prevent hunters from falling out of the tree on to the …show more content…
Hunting definitely helps with population control and with a smaller animal population. Farmers get better crop outputs and car insurance companies have to deal with less accidents. Even though hunters are hunters are trying to hunt for fun and for the experience. It 's not all about the experience as it is a way of living for some. Hunting is how that hunter feeds his family or possibly others in need by donating such an animal to a locker to be processed and then given out. The world needs hunters to keep the animal population down and to also feed some of the

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