Persuasive Essay On Human Genetic Engineering

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Manipulation of human genome seemed in the past to be science fiction, but now it has entered the world of possibility. This notion leads some people to think about future therapy and healthy generations while others think about corruption of the human genome and the risk of genetic modification. The fact is that human has already started indirectly using genetic modification in other species to produce desirable traits including high yield plant varieties and domesticated animals. For example, producing crops that can withstand high temperatures, low water availability in some places and floods in other places. But when this modification is to be applied to the human species, will similar steps be taken? Will this modification be accepted?
No doubt that genetic engineering and gene therapy
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HGE can be used a medical tool to cure diseases involving genetic defects such as heart diseases ,not only that ,but also it can be used for non-medical uses for selection of certain traits such as eye color and gender. In order to support or oppose the notion of genetic modification, distinction should be made between the desire to correct the defects and the desire to enhance the characters.
Debate now is between two parties, one supports that HGE should be used but with regulation seeking for protecting the welfare and health of the coming generations while the other party argue that HGE should be banned as it is against human dignity and free will.
In my opinion HGE isn’t inherently unethical, but it depends on how it is implemented and its consequences. Here I will examine several arguments against manipulation of human genome because our thoughts should be driven by actual consequences rather than misleading assumptions.
The first argument is addressing human free will and how it is affected by the choices made by human genetic

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