Persuasive Essay On How To Prepare For A Trip

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Take the Scenic Route

Have you ever planned and anticipated a trip for months on end, only for the trip to take a shovel engraved with the word “reality” and slam you into the merciless ground? Everyone has had a vacation that went awry or just didn’t live up to their expectations. These types of vacations have a sensation similar to a the unpleasant aftertaste of almost spoiled milk, and should be avoided. Thankfully, the most important thing to prepare for an enjoyable vacation is your mind.

When you first make your reservation at your hotel or buy your plane ticket, there will be an urge to prepare for everything immediately after. Do not follow that urge. When you “plan, plan, plan” for a trip, detailing everything you expect to do by the minute, you are actually raising your expectations. While having high hopes for your trip is not a bad thing, it is bad to have an ideal image of your trip only for it to be torn apart as soon as you get
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Don’t roll your eyes; this is a necessary thing. The thing about vacation’s is that you will, probably, take more than one in your life. You need to make this vacation stand apart from all of the others. I’m not telling you to go spelunking or sky-diving, you can do something as simple as trying a food you’ve never tasted before or starting up a conversation with that fascinating person that just walked by. Just do something you haven’t before that you want to do. A fun vacation starts with how you look at. Just remember not to build your plans so large and thin that they tear at the seams. Take the scenic route: it’s pretty and relaxing. Stay away from the vortex of evil known as electronics. They will steal your observational skills. And don’t forget to put yourself out there, you won’t forget it. By following all of these steps, you can get through any vacation and look back on it with a smile. No matter what

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