Persuasive Essay On How To Change A Tire

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During the summer me and my friend Jasmine were driving to Burlington to set up our FFA both for the county fair. We needed a hot glue gun so we made our way to her friends house. I was in the passenger seat when a most unfortunate occurrence happened. Jasmine stopped paying attention so when we pulled next to the sidewalk in front of her friends house, she hit curb hard. Long story short she blew a hole in her father’s car and was panicking. I told her simply we could change the tire. I became dumbfounded when I found out that she had no idea how to change a tire. This is when I realized that one of the most important things to learn before you start driving is how to change a tire.
Always make sure you have the appropriate materials when
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The jack should hopefully be made of thick metal, avoid the cheap diecast type jacks in order to avoid problems when changing a tire. Diecast is a cheap form of metal which is weak so avoid it. Some people carry a regular tire that matches the other tires on their vehicle, although this isn’t the case with most cars. Often time the spare that come with cars is smaller, but this is just so you can make it to your next destination safely. The smaller size is also why they call this spare the donut. If you drive a car the spare is in the trunk underneath a divider. Once you have everything it 's time to actually change the tire.
Preferably try to change the tire on a flat surface. Place the jack underneath the car close to the tire. Be sure to place it underneath a solid piece of the car to make sure the car doesn’t slip off. With each jack there is a stick that connects to it, place this stick inside the jack. Once it’s connected pump the stick up and down until the tire is off the ground about an inch. Once this is done it 's time to pop the bolts. Just pick a random bolt and place the tire iron on it. The tire iron has three different sizes
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If it is a regular tire there are no limitation other than the usual for tires. With a donut on your car, your car well lean towards the direction of your donut. They are only suppose to go about 30-50 miles so keep this in mind before deciding to go a long distance. Also the average speed to keep with a donut on is 35 mph or else it is at a high risk to blow. Also keep in mind the weather and road conditions. Donuts have bad traction and are not meant for icy roads and also watch for bumps. Please if you have someone else put on the tire for you make sure they do not put it on

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