Persuasive Essay On How To Avoid An All Nighter

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How To Avoid An All-Nighter
“Don 't you hate when your hand falls asleep and you know it will be up all night” by Steven Wright. We all have pulled an all-nighter; Us college students, Professors, people who works and have paper work to do, people who are fixing something, people who has a career, etc. What are the reasons? Sometimes it’s just us when were lazy or got a lot of stuff to do or for college students, work is on the way. Unfortunately this will happen to every person once or multiple times and there’s nothing you can do about it. This has been an issue for everyone in the whole globe that is busy with work or is in school. This has been going on for decades and people should be concerned what all-nighters can do to you if you continuously
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Besides of the psychological facts of what all-nighter can do to your brain, as personal facts it can lead to college students to lower there GPA. Studies has shown that to the people who don’t stay up all night gets a better GPA then to those who risk themselves an all-nighter. Not to mention you’re study method is less effective. For the professors and to others, it can make you do a poor job on your homework as well. All-nighter makes people stress out, destroys your ability to concentrate, makes it harder to remember something, and again makes you do a poor job on your homework. All-nighter causes lack of sleep, which causes your brain to dysfunction. An example would be the article of “Stop Trying To Be Creative” by Christie Aschwanden, “The same sort of blind process happened in another series of experiments where Stanley and Joel Lehman instructed robots to work toward defined objectives. In one experiment a bipedal robot programmed to walk farther and farther actually ended up walking less far than one that simply was programmed to do.” This is similar of Brain dysfunction, when you lack of sleep. Your brain starts to dysfunction and makes you think your getting …show more content…
This one time when it was finals week I had two exams I need to study by tomorrow, including a revise essay. In that time I haven’t slept well for two days straight and have only slept for two hours and drank many cups of coffee to keep myself up. It was four in the morning and I need to study one more class and my goal was to sleep at least six thirty in the morning and wake up at seven ten in the morning to start getting ready and going to my first class exam at eight thirty in the morning. As far as I can remember while studying, the only thing I remember is waking up at seven something in the morning and still seeing my interpersonal communication book open with some couple notes written down. The crazy thing is my head was making me think I finished studying and was making me think I slept the time I wanted to sleep at.

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