Persuasive Essay On Homeschool

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“You’re comparing a system where you’ve got one teacher with 30 kids compared to one parent with two kids” (Fedele, 2010). Homeschooling is by far on of the best ways for education nowadays. Not only can one tailor the lessons to a child’s specific learning style, but they can also give that child one-on-one time to see if they are really grasping the lesson or not to try to prevent gaps in learning. In order to homeschool one must have the time, dedication, and knowledge needed to teach a child everything they are going to need to know. The parent must also have outside sources for subjects that need to be taught that the parent has not yet mastered. It is also better to homeschool in these times because public school has a
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Some people do not like that they do not get enough family time due to how long traditional school is. Mrs. Gardener, a former teacher and now homeschooler, has expressed this by saying,
We liked the idea of it. I hadn 't been keen on sending him to school. Just the whole five days a week, six hours a day thing. When do we have the time to be a family together? I was horrified by that (Fedele, 2010).
If family time is an important aspect in one’s values and the way the traditional school system works does not work for them, they can always consider homeschooling. Overall, homeschool is an amazing alternative to the traditional school system. Although there are some cons involved there are far more pros to make up for them. Homeschooling is not for everyone and that is perfectly fine. If one chooses to homeschool, they must make sure they have the time, patience and dedication so that they can ensure their child gets the proper education they need. The parent will also need to make sure they are constantly on top of things to ensure the educational gaps and social gaps do not occur. With these qualities and dedication, homeschooling is possible and so worth

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