Persuasive Essay On Hitman

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When you take the greatest video game franchises of all-time into consideration, Hitman is a brand that is typically overlooked – and perhaps it should be. Still, Hitman punches out a new adventure every two to three years, yet it doesn’t carry the weight of excitement that currently surrounds franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear, or Call of Duty.

It’s understandable when a resoundingly popular game series, like Assassins Creed or Uncharted, enters into film production – but for the lesser-appreciated Hitman saga, it hardly makes sense to take such an unadvisable risk to create another installment. After all, it’s not as though the franchise’s previous film, Hitman (2007), did major box office business. In fact, it was far from
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Honestly, by the time the film reaches the opening 15 minutes mark, there’s something like 50 people shot and killed, already (that number is a complete estimate – aiming to point out that a ton of people die in a relatively short amount of time). But, when a film is titled Hitman – what do you expect?

In this latest Hitman installment, Rupert Friend portrays Agent 47 – stepping into the shoes previously worn by Timothy Olyphant (who apparently had no intention of ever returning to the franchise – stating he only stared in Hitman because he lost his job on Deadwood). Regardless, Friend adequately succeeds with his portrayal, though there are probably a thousand better acting selections out there that would have been far more beneficial to this particular production.

Friend is simply not a marketable face – and, as previously stated, it’s not as if the Hitman brand sells itself. Sure, this is an action movie, though and though, but as film studios should have learned way back in 1993 with Super Mario Bros., casting matters. Initially, Friend’s character is present as a Terminator-like killing machine that will stop at nothing to fulfill his contract (to

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