Persuasive Essay On Guns On College Campuses

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Thesis: Though guns can be used for protection, guns should not be allowed on college campuses because guns make college students feel uncomfortable, the abuse of guns has claimed many college students’ lives and guns can threaten the safety of college campuses.
I. The presences of guns on college campuses make students feel anxious.
A. A survey conducted, shows the majority of students (79%) felt uneased about strangers, faulty and fellow students carrying guns on campuses (Journal of American College Health, Volume 61, NO.5, 5)
B. Also the survey shows, the predominance of students (78%) felt it unnecessary to procure a gun permit, if it were legal on college campus (Journal of American College Health, Volume 61, NO.5, 5).
C. Lastly, nearly four in five college students,
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Guns on college campuses have precipitated deaths of students and have caused an ample amount of chaos.
A. In 2002, thirty-two students were killed and twenty-five students were injured on the Virginia Tech College campus (Goral, 1).
B. Guns on college campuses could cause mayhem, if a school shooting were to occur, because most students are not able to differentiate what direction the shots are coming from and if they pull their gun out, they can be mistaken for the shooter, thus then being shot (Goral,3).
C. In the past decade, on twenty-seven campuses, seventy-eight lives have appropriated by guns on college campuses (Pesta, 1)
III. Guns on college campuses threaten the safety of the lives of students and faculty on campus.
A. Research has shown, the higher rate of ownership of guns has increased the amount of suicides and homicides (Journal of American College Health, Volume 58, NO. 3, 248).
B. Individuals who carry firearms have a seventeen-fold higher chance of suicides than those who do not have firearms in their possession (Ransford, 1).
C. FBI statistics show guns are more likely to be used for self-harm or the harm of others than for self-defense purposes (Putney,

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