Persuasive Essay On Guns In Schools Research Paper

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America has the most school shootings in the entire world and this country thinks that teachers should not carry guns. Liberals believe nobody should carry guns at all but they forget that criminals do not abide by the laws and are going to do what they want. The weapons that are used in school shootings are brutal. Criminals use pipe bombs, and primarily rifles since they are better for mass shootings. Banning guns will not change a thing the only way this is possible is if we take action by training our teachers to be able to protect the students with weapons making schools in America safer. Since America is supposedly the safest country on earth it is time to show the stats and not be the number one country in the world for school shootings. The school board needs to have better methods of keeping our schools safer in America because lockdowns are not making the cut. Every school in America should have at least one police officer …show more content…
When the board is talking about locking a bunch of doors and hoping that they will not get into our schools is the most illogical mind of thinking and schools are literally asking them to come in and blow children away. The Kingman Academy of Learning High School does not even have metal detectors for crying out loud. Any bum can walk in with the mindset that they are going to blow away a bunch of kids and they could with ease. A student right now could have a gun in their backpack and wait until lunch to just start mowing into people. The staff will wonder how this could happen when this could have easily been prevented by just a couple of gun classes and a 9mm. When people think that lockdowns are going to save children and it will just be peachy think again. Student Resource Officers are great and it is a step in the right direction but schools still need more protection because if the Student Resource Officer is gunned down the whole school is

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