Persuasive Essay On Gay Adoption

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This past summer, the United States took a monumental step for LGBT rights by allowing same-sex couples to marry in all fifty states; however, there’s still a long way to go for LGBT equality. One struggle same-sex couples face today is adoption. Since same-sex couples cannot conceive on their own, many couples look to adoption to create families, which is no easy task. When trying to adopt in the United States, same-sex couples face prejudice and legal barriers in the court system based only on their sexual orientations (Brown 17). It’s unfair for states to stop same-sex couples from adopting or fostering based on sexual orientation rather than the couple’s ability to provide a loving home. LGBT couples should be allowed to foster and adopt …show more content…
However, evidence points to LGBT couples being just as, if not more, capable when it comes to raising children. In a study run on forty-four adolescents with lesbian parents and forty-four with heterosexual parents, there was no difference in self-esteem, depression, anxiety, school connectedness, or school success exhibited between the groups (Perrin and Siegel). The study supports the idea that lesbian couples raise kids that are just as healthy and happy as the ones living with heterosexual parents. Research has also shown gay and lesbian couples may, in some aspects, provide a more stable home than heterosexual parents. For example, in 2014, 1.1% of same-sex couples were calculated to leave legal relationships each year on average, while heterosexual couples had an annual divorce rate of 2% (Badgett and Mallory). Children with divorced parents have shown to be more likely to experience negative long-term emotional and physical effects (Matthews). This decreased split rate for gay and lesbian couples suggests they may be more likely to provide a stable home with two parents for a child. Studies have also reported most American couples report using physical punishment on their children, but same-sex couples are much more likely to use reasoning rather than spanking (Patterson). Furthermore, evidence supports physical discipline causes aggression, antisocial behavior, and mental health problems in children (Smith 60). This shows same-sex couples are capable of providing a healthy environment for children to grow up

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