Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Privacy

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Civil Liberties support the rights of the freedom by people. It protects under the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments. Many people fight for their own rights because they practice freedoms for taking on actions into their own responsibilities. Presently, many people struggle with the terminology that refers to the freedom. In the United States of America, this freedom occurs anywhere on the news by chaotic people, so people have to be respected in their own rights/beliefs. In this term, the freedom does not mean that violate others. Informally, people recognize the freedom from the guidelines that emphasize in 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments. According to 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting …show more content…
This term mostly considers the security under the 4th Amendment. Two examples of freedom of privacy are Social Security of benefits and Eminent Domain. According to “The Privacy Act of 1974,” this privacy’s document concerned with the Social Security numbers by people who happened to job and education. The Court said, “Jurisdiction to enforce the Social Security number provision might appear questionable in as much as the Privacy Act does not expressly provide for a civil remedy against a nonfederal agency, or for injunctive relief outside of the access and amendment contexts” (“Overview of the Privacy Act of 1974”). Burglars steal the Social Security numbers from people’s safety that had with health’s benefits. The government said, “if a person got lost or steal from Social Security numbers, he or she applied for new Social Security numbers.” People are scary of identity theft as Social Security numbers. Social Security numbers are important for protecting the privacy under 4th Amendment. Eminent Domain used to protect the property by 5th Amendment. According to “Eminent Domain: Being Abused?,” the government seize private property for public use such as school, houses, hotels, and buildings (Leung). The government tries to force the people off their land, so people cannot afford for buying the real house because of mortgages. People do not have much money for paying the flood, fire, and house insurances, so the price quickly rises up as an inflation. The government can take away from private property without paying any bills. People have to face the challenges of property. Both of examples favor directly to 4th and 5th Amendment, so people need to learn in U.S. Constitution what is right themselves of freedom the rights’ privacy that is also called Police

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