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A common question on everyone’s mind might be how do I stay healthy? Why not follow the next best trend and hope that maybe this time it will work. Food is trouble that, unfortunately, cannot be ignored since it is necessary for human survival. In America, media and its trends to chefs developing new tastes, fuel the obsession of eating the newest thing by shoving it into the mouths of many hungry people until they cannot stop. All these topics are frequently discussed in David Saks’ book The Tastemakers through his own personal experiences in breaking down the main reasons of a trend. Focusing on his chapter Health: Take Two Chia Seeds And Call Me In The Morning and a Cooking Light article about the newest innovations to being a healthier …show more content…
The answer is, “the FDA (Food and Drug Association) requires products to carry nutrition fact labels that list the amount of calories, calories from fat, total and saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron per serving” (Squires). This concept of labels saved Americans from the guessing game of everything’s because now the contents of all ingredients is on a simple label. With this new change, I believe, allowed many to come to realization what is being put into their bodies can be extremely dangerous or extremely beneficial. There are health limitations and problems that can be highly affected by certain foods that before labels, no one knew. David Saks talks a lot about Chia seeds and all the other super foods out in the world and how they can benefit the American society by getting it out of its slump of unhealthy eating habits. He mentions a writer, Steven Pratt, who specifically talks about superfoods and their qualifications like, “Salmon, broccoli, spinach, berries, and green tea… They contain high concentrations of crucial nutrients” (83). Knowing these “crucial nutrients” can be easily found on the label, but what do they mean? Some doctors advise people to be aware of what they are eating because certain foods can be beneficial to health if they are not eaten. Yet, there are foods to prevent things going array in the body, foods like what Pratt mentioned. We only have one body and need to preserve it to the best of our ability, but even I am guilty of sneaking in ice cream and goodies that just go straight to the thighs. It comes down to the little alterations in eating habits that can change everything for the better, a study mentioned in Cooking Light says, “in just two weeks of eating a low sodium (salt) diet… can significantly lower

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