Persuasive Essay On Fall In Love

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Numerous people look down upon those who believe in love at first sight, or those that believe they are in love after only a few days or weeks. They believe it takes time for someone to fall in love, that only with time can a person fall in love so intensely and greatly. It has become ever so much easier to get a divorce after 1969, when a was law passed stating that infidelity charges or physical abuse did not have to be present in order to get a divorce (Evolution). This would eventually lead to people not caring as much about who or when they marry, because it doesn 't have to be forever anymore. The problem is people do not put in the effort or time to fix their marriage, and rush into it not thinking about the long term commitment that …show more content…
So to them it’s only logical that getting married as soon as possible is the best way, because what could go wrong with getting to know a person even more together… forever.
There are benefits to marrying young. For example Michelle Horton wrote an article that stated “Ten awesome perks of getting married young” (YourTango). In this she stated a few good points such as it being easier to combine lives since the couple does not already have a set
Thompson 6 adult life plan, or the fact that they’ve got “nothing but time” meaning that even if it doesn’t work out they are still young enough to be out there.
However, this argument has many flaws. For one, it becomes very hard to support two people as opposed to one, or in the case of some, three or four heads. Especially being straight out of high school with no career intact, life becomes ten times harder than it should have to be.
Continuing against this, though it is nice to grow into each other and experience tough times and good times, the idea that it is okay to get divorced or not worry about it because you are young and have time to find a new man, is absurd. Thinking this way is what leads to messy
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By making couples wait it would not infringe upon those rights as well as get the divorce rates down and help everyone involved in the process of divorce and involved in them.
As it has been proven couples who get married at a young age are more likely to end in divorce, whether it be from not knowing each other well enough or growing apart and finding different interests for themselves. Though young couples believe themselves to be in love and that marriage at a young age is appropriate and the best solution to teen and early pregnancies, this is flawed. People do not normally truly discover themselves or who they are until they are about thirty years old. Given that more likely than not a person is bound to change. These divorces can lead to child suffering and suffering of the community as a whole due to the waist in taxpayer money that arises. The best way to solve this is by setting a minimum age to marry and creating stricter marrying qualifications such as knowing each other for so long before actually getting married. In the end, waiting for marriage should not be viewed as a bad thing, but should instead be

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