Persuasive Essay On Eating Fast Food

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There are a couple of things that my life that was must to change. The major one that needed to change was my eating habits. My eating habits were really bad and my weight was something needed to be attended to. I had to cut out fasts foods out of my life completely because it was affecting my sports. I started to realize this in the high when I did track and field; fast food was the number one problem I had. I was consuming at least more than 9 times of fast foods a week. This made my weight go up even though I was running for my high school. Fast food is something that is already made when you order it and it’s really cheap to get and can get you in and out of any restaurant within 7mins unless you go through a drive-thru. I read an article/ journal about why people should stop eating fast …show more content…
Also was talking about improving America eating behaviors, when it comes to choosing the food they want. Despite community and policy efforts to improve Americans eating behaviors, the majority of Americans still fails to get healthy and also knowing the food is not helping at all, it’s only making it worse than has to be. Many overweight and obesity people don’t care what type of food they eat and that also a problem why other people can’t stop eating the fast food. They so much of the bad food and they forget that there not eating right and start to become more over weight. Overweight people lack the nutrition in there body and also lack the daily exercise. In the article they talked about changing the food environment. Changing the environment will really help keep people to eat healthy, for example; they can change the food place in a busy place like the Rio. Instead of a burger joint being at the corner they can have any type of salad bar or Panera

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