Persuasive Essay On Dress Code In Schools

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Schools all around the world suffer dress code policy at their school, and enforcing it and keeping everyone happy. It’s safe to say that dress code at South Iredell High school is a pressing issue that is affecting students every day. Dress code is outrageous, not allowing students to wear leggings, tank tops, or even headbands. As crazy as this seems it’s true in fact teachers and administration will give students detention, or ask them to go home and change during the middle of the day. After three years of this ridiculous dress code I’ve come to a solution every student should attend school without clothing i.e. attending school nude. The results of going nude to school would decrease distractions in class, and students will be able to come to school without having to worry about getting dresscoded. Dress code at South has been intense for the past three years and it's only getting worse. Every morning a ton of stress is laid upon me as I’m struggling to decide what to wear because I don't want to spend my day in the principal's office over my pink headband or my forearm showing. Instead of being able to wear my clothes throughout the day without any problems I’m scared to even walk on school grounds with a pair of leggings on. Administrators and …show more content…
Since students can’t show off their clothes they shall show off their skin instead. Having no dress code would not only benefit the teachers and administration it would also benefit the students from having to stress over what to wear, or getting distracted during class. Teenagers that they won’t be blamed for causing someone to fail because of a shoulder showing. By limiting dress code to no clothing at all will result in a positive change for students,parents, and faculty

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