Argumentative Essay: The Abuse Of Domestic Animals

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Millions of people around the world own a pet animal of some sort. This is socially acceptable around the world and plenty people encourage it to their peers. What if I told you that some domestic animals such as horses, pigs, and monkeys are equally as smart as our typical everyday pet animals as well as adapt a relationship and build a companionship with humans and other animals? Although abuse to pet animals take place, as a society we do not accept it. So why is it that although it is not acceptable to abuse house pets, there are hundreds of thousands domestic animals in the world that are living in horrendous and unbearable conditions from the second they are born, all the way until they are slaughtered or die because of the conditions …show more content…
Nevertheless what if our needs were not just temporary, but could save our life or even someone close to us. “Animal rights advocates are more interested in bringing down human kind than in raising up animals… They don’t love animals, they hate men ”. As a result of poor documentation, it is not known exactly when animals testing had first started but the first breakthrough due to animal testing was in 1881. Since then there have been medical developments due to testing on different animals such as progress of the vaccine that eradicated polio, organ transplantation owed to cats and dogs, as well as enhance our understanding of how nerve transmitters function and how visual information is stored in the brain gratified to cats . This is just a partial variety of examples of how animal experimentation has contributed to human health. Although there have been major breakthroughs throughout history that have been detriment to our health advances today, there have also been numerous trialling that has shown unsuccessful results. Animals and humans adapt, live and communicate very different. Animals and humans carry different DNA genetics thus reacting dissimilar. For instance morphine is used in hospitals to calm and eliminate pain for people whereas morphine excites cats, goats and horses. Humans and even pregnant women are safe to take aspirin however have been shown to be poisonous to cats, no effect on fever in horses and causes birth defects in rats, cats, dogs guinea pigs and monkeys . Gail Gorman, an author who wrote an essay opposing animal based research illustrates substitutions to animal experimentation because when experimentation goes wrong, animals consequently end up psychically, emotionally and mentally disfigured. “The U.S Food and Drug Administration report that animal tests have an appalling 92% failure rate in predicting the safety

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