Parental Divorce

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One problem that poses a big threat to the future of children in America is the issue of divorce. The disorientation of the family unit caused by the high rate of divorce in most homes is something that needs urgent and critical evaluation by those in authority and the society at large. But why is the divorce rate in its all-time high since 1970? It appears couples can no longer afford to tolerate one another anymore, therefore they consider divorce as the only recourse to problems that they may have in their marriages. It may even be because some find it very lucrative to severe their marriages because of the benefit that the court normally awards after a divorce case is decided. However, it may appear so easy for couples to terminate their union on the basis of different marital challenges that people face in their marriages, but the adverse effect of divorce on the children is enormous and must be quickly addressed in order to save their future. According to a researcher, Karl Zinsmeister, Parental divorce has been linked with children involvement in alcohol, drugs, theft, sexual abuse, violence, and a whole lot of other negativities which can truncate the destinies of the affected children. …show more content…
In addition to these, they feel a sense of loss of parental warmth and love. Gradually, the effect of the separation starts to take a big toll on them. In fact, one area that normally suffers first is in their academics; their grades begin to drop due to emotional trauma and lack of concentration, and worst still, some may not even complete their education. Although, not all children from a divorce drop out of school, but the emotional trauma from the experience may stay with them permanently. Some children may begin to exhibit certain unusual characters; others may just be abnormally quiet or

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