Personal Narrative Essay On Depression And Suicide

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I, myself, suffered with suicidal thoughts for a long time. I thought there was no need for me to be on this earth anymore. My existence was pointless in my mind. I would smile and make sure those around me were satisfied, but inside I was crying for help. I wanted to be great at everything; however, I wasn’t. Teachers and my family would set me on a pedal stool and glorify all my accomplishments. After a while that pressure becomes overwhelming. I wanted to be a normal teenager. This is when my depression went into over drive. I constantly thought about ways to take my own life. Some like to say I just wanted attention, but they do not understand how depression sneaks up on you while you’re smiling and tell you are not worth living anymore. …show more content…
One of her friends was a former world-class figure skater. Another was a winner of Intel science competition. Duke, a Penn State student said female students are thought to be “effortlessly perfect.” Pressures are so intense that students fall into depression and may even contemplate suicide. Despite Kathryn’s amicable personality, she bought razors and wrote love ones a farewell letter. Fortunately, Kathryn DeWitt did not commit suicide. Instead, she sought help. She currently is talking about her battle with depression with other students in hopes to deter someone from taking their own life. According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State, anxiety and depression are the most common mental health diagnoses among college students. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suicide rates among 15-to 24-year-olds has increased since 2007 from 9.6 deaths per 100,000 to 11.1 in 2013.
Recently speaking to one of my coworkers from TJ Maxx, Maribel Mojica, informed me she not only has lost two family members to suicide, she also works at the suicide hotline locally here in Bakersfield. The suicide hotline is operated by the Kern County Health Services. More than 1,000 college students kill themselves every year and suicide is the third-leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 24, according to a report by Emory University.
“I have many reasons to be working with suicidal patients; they just want someone to hear them out. I understand their

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