Danger To Ourselves Essay

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Danger to Ourselves Since the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001 we, as a country, have grown increasingly weary of Muslims. Recently, there has been a lot of talk of whether we should allow Refugees of war-torn Syria into our country, half of whom are children, and much of the talk has turned into opposition over fears of terrorism and Muslims in general. Political leaders have joined the discussion and are fueling heated arguments. In March 2016, 51% of Americans supported a presidential candidate’s proposed ban of Muslims. (Intercept). Do we realize out of 750,000 people who have sought refuge in the United States since 9/11 only about a dozen have been banned from the country because of potential ties to terrorism? (WP) While these arguments have been ongoing, hundreds of acts of non-Muslim violence are occurring each day in our country and we seem blissfully unaware. Not only unaware of the violence, but also unaware of what our fear and lack of knowledge is fueling. So, do …show more content…
An incredibly tragic day in our country’s history were the September 11th terrorist attacks committed by an Islamic terrorist group that killed nearly 3,000 people; in addition, 7000 service members have lost their lives fighting for our country since then. (icasulaties) Such a loss of life is not something to take lightly, which is exactly why is it so concerning to look at the yearly gun violence statistics in the United States. Last year alone there were 13,415 deaths due to gun violence; quadruple the number of deaths that occurred on 9/11. (gun violence archive) This is an alarming amount of deaths and is talked about far less than the very few incidents carried about by Muslims in our country; how can we ignore these numbers? It’s because we don’t allow ourselves to become aware of them; blissful ignorance, yet another reason why we are a danger to

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