Persuasive Essay On Consumer Children

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Consumer Kids: Manipulated and Mistreated Alistair Gamble
Persuasive Essay Children. We were all one of them at one stage in our lives, small and cute as they are so delicately described. Our attention so easily gained with a flash of colour and something with looks just like what we were, “fun”. Now children’s minds are being manipulated to want more products that they don 't actually need but look interesting. Even worse they are making them think of what they apparently ‘should’ be; skinny, strong, smart. We used to just watch cartoons and laugh with the innocence of the youth, but children today are shown at every available point some form of advertisement on a billboard, television or maybe the internet. This perversion of
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Children have easily impressionable minds; the messages delivered through advertising have the ability to alter their personality. Children shown to excessive advertising tend to become more materialistic, as shown with the Channel One project. This project involved schools applying to have their adverts shown throughout their campuses and the children who were enrolled at one of these schools appeared to hold more materialistic views than those of a non supporting school. Children are similarly starting to believe that the success they receive in life is based on what you have, not what they do. This undermines all the work that parents are trying to impart on their children that school is very important, not what they have. This also misdirects children as to what life is like in the future for …show more content…
Marketers use a well thought out and effective technique called “Pester Power”. Pester power is when children nag or pester a parent repeatedly for a product. And while a parent does hold the right to say “no”, they do still want to please their child. This results in approximately $500bn worth of products being directly sold through the influence of pester power each year. Barbara A. Martino, an advertising executive, told researchers that she is “relying on the kid to pester the mom to buy the product, rather than [advertising] straight to the mom.” The sheer lack of ethics is surely shocking, that marketers are willing to abuse families for extra

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