Essay On Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a big deal in today’s world. People are scared that their personal and confidential information will be hacked and they will lost it. Companies try to prevent security breaches, but there is only so much that they can do. Even the government is trying to stop it. However, the hackers are always a step ahead of us. Is there a way to stop the hackers? Cybersecurity, as known as Computer Security, is the “method of protecting information, computer programs, and other computer system assets (“Computer Security”).” However, today is not only computers. According to my friend, Alex Cormier, who works at MassMutual in their IT department, all electronics are vulnerable to attacks. “Anything that can connect to the Internet can be vulnerable to certain exploits, and that could end up helping someone get into a network or system and cause much data loss, as well as disruption of services that are provided by the group being affected the by ‘hacker’ (Cormier)”.
Cybersecurity is used to stop the hackers, but it does not work all the time. “Thieves using computers can rob banks and steal corporate trade secrets from the other side of the world (Flamini 157).” They can take down government and business websites within minutes (Flamini 157). Cyberwarfare is becoming huge because the technology
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So what can you do to be safe on the Internet? Cormier states that there is many things to do to be safe. One of them is to add a Dual/Multi-factor authentication too your accounts. “The most used Dual Factor authentication choice you see is the text message. For your account, it will ask you for your password, and then after your password, it would send you a text message to a phone number that you already setup on the site. You put in the code that they text you to make sure that it is you, trying to get into the site, and not a hacker that might be using your password

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